About to start a home improvement project, extending or building something new?

Where do you begin?

Why place your most valuable asset at risk? Avoid construction pitfalls. Don’t leave anything to chance.

Before you start your project talk to IQ Consultants first for professional, unbiased advice from a team with over 40 years’ experience in the construction industry. Call IQ now. 

IQ Where to Begin With Your Project

Why IQ?

Experienced proactive Project Managers working independently for YOU

Single point of contact – we save YOU valuable time, we manage all planning stages, all processes through to completion

We operate independently in the role of contract administrators

We appoint the best, most reputable professionals and contractors to the team

We keep projects on track and on budget

Great communication so YOU stay informed at all times

Members - Association of Project Managers

About Us

IQ Consultants is a leading Construction Project Management company providing consultancy and management solutions to the owners and operators of residential and commercial properties. We are part of the IQ Property Services Group with over 40 years’ professional experience of managing construction and related projects. We always start by focusing on assembling the right team for the project.
IQ Property Solutions
IQ Property Solutions

What we do


Construction Project Managers – experts in
assembling the right team

IQ - What we Do
About to start a construction project? Is this how you are thinking?

Wouldn’t it be great to have access to 40 years of experience through one reliable independent point of contact? We advise and guide clients on extensions, refurbishments and new build projects.

We turn visions into reality, source construction partners, administrate your contract and take care of the complicated logistics of running a construction project on site. From day 1 we focus on appointing the right team for your project.

It makes sense to talk to IQ Consultants before you talk to anyone else.

IQ Consultants - Our 3 Tiered Service Model

We have worked with a large and diverse number of clients throughout the years and this experience has taught us that ‘one size does not fit all’! Everybody has different requirements based on the size of their project, the budget, available time and indeed knowledge. So, we have designed our services around a 3 tiered model whereby YOU can choose the level of involvement YOU wish to have from us.

Make an intelligent decision – call now to book your free 1 hour telephone consultation worth £115 designed to:

To book call 01959 533788 or click here.

IQ Platinum

Premium Construction
Project Management

IQ Gold

Construction Project
Management & Consultancy

IQ Silver

A helping hand for your
Construction Project

Make an intelligent decision - call now to book your free one-hour telephone consultation worth £115

Other services we offer

IQ Security
IQ Service & Maintenance
IQ Your Home


What our customer say about us


Frequently Asked Questions

Talk to IQ Consultants before you talk to anyone else. We are experienced Construction Project Managers and team builders. We we have a thorough understanding of the market and are skilled at managing projects of all sizes from an extension to a new build. Don’t waste time or money – call us first for impartial advice.

We would be on site as much as you would like us to be. In most instances, the fee agreement includes weekly informal site visits, and bi-weekly formal fully minuted meetings. However, some clients want us on site twice a week and others once a fortnight or even once a month. We are totally flexible according to the size of the project.

We are always fully contactable. Remember, we are on your side and are there to support you at all times.

Due to our knowledge we would identify the need for specialists such as party wall surveyors, structural engineers, building surveyors, arboriculturists etc. From a review of your project we would advise on any specialists required.

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