Want to save energy this winter?

As the nights start drawing in more rapidly and the weather forecasters warn us that the heat we have been enjoying for months is actually becoming a thing of the past, our thoughts turn to the need to pop the heating on and to how we might control costs for the winter season ahead.

IQ Property Services has a range of energy and cost saving options for homes and businesses. Installing automation using smart technology is not only good for the environment but WILL reduce your energy bill.

Did you know that smart technology saves on average 19% on heating and 13% on electricity in houses. In commercial buildings, the savings amount to 60% and 30% respectively. Setting your thermostat 1°C lower will deliver a 6% saving!

We have a track record of installing smart systems that do all of the above and also make your property more secure. We can arrange an energy audit and advise you accordingly. Contact me for more information. 

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