Our quick guide and top tips to keep your home protected this winter

IQ - Winter House

Winter officially started on 1st December! Have you checked that your property is protected against anything that winter can throw at it? It’s not too late to take care of some of the simple things yourself but for peace of mind IQ Service & Maintenance will step in and take care of the essentials that will ensure your property is winter proofed and protected through the worst months of the year.

Protect Indoor Pipes: Should a pipe burst, up to 30 gallons of water can escape in just two minutes. Find your stopcock and make sure it works so you can turn your water off as quickly as possible if you have a burst pipe.

Service your Boiler: Avoid a breakdown with no heating or water just when the family are arriving! Our engineers are Gas Safe Registered.

Insulate Your Loft Space: Even if you have insulation we will check its up to standard and compliant.

Service your gas fire: We are always surprised when clients tell us they have never serviced their gas fires, stoves and other appliances – this is a requirement to keep you safe as well as warm.

Keep your heating on a timer: If you’re going away leave it on a constant low temperature to avoid your pipes freezing.

Bleed your radiators: Use a radiator key to release trapped air and get them running efficiently if your radiators are not warming up properly.

Guttering and Chimneys: Clean and inspect for any loose external guttering and down pipes. Sweep the chimney and check for any damage to the external brick for stonework.

Trees: Do you have any overhanging trees that can cause damage in a storm and might not be covered by your home insurance?

Roof tiles: Let the experts check for any loose or broken tiles that are vulnerable to high winds and extreme weather.

Check for draughts: Cold winds will find a way through any gaps, so blocking them will keep you warm and could even cut your heating bills.

Counter winter weather and its potentially devastating effect on your home. We have a truly comprehensive portfolio of services to cover every aspect of managing and maintaining residential or commercial properties to keep them running at optimum performance.

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