Are you considering a new build, major refurbishment or an extension to your property?

IQ-Consultants for Building Projects

Whatever the size of your major refurbishment project you should have a conversation with IQ Consultants before you start.

Our many years’ experience as Construction Project Managers has led us to develop a tiered service provision to assist our clients in selecting the level of service that is right for them.

We certainly know that ‘one size does not fit all’! Everybody has different requirements based on a number of variables – not just the size of a project and the budget, but also the time available to somebody who may be working and is consequently time poor. And there is also the question of confidence and knowledge – many clients have benefitted from our procedures and help in structuring and then managing a project.

So, we have designed our services around a 3 tiered model whereby our clients can choose the level of involvement they wish to have from us.

You can find more information here on the IQ Consultants page – download the leaflets and see which service level is most appropriate to you and your project:

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