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IQ - Tony Cheeseman

Getting the right advice at the right time is invaluable. We talked about this earlier this year in an article for the Life magazines in Kent and south east London. We share it below::

Discovering midway through building a new home or renovating an existing one that you’re in over your head can lead to costly mistakes and regrets. Whatever your project, it is crucial to have the right support and guidance from the start.

“That is where I come in. Hi, I’m Tony Cheeseman, Project Manager and Founder and Director of IQ Property Services. With over 40 years of experience in advising and project managing for clients, I’m deeply passionate about helping people navigate the complexities of home construction and renovation projects. My goal is to ensure that every client achieves their dream property without the stress and expense of unforeseen challenges. Imagine having a team of experts seamlessly coordinating every aspect of your project, from planning and design to execution. By taking advantage of a free consultation hour with me, you’ll gain invaluable insights and avoid common pitfalls that can derail your project.

“Consider this: ensuring your designers and professionals receive a clear brief prior to commencing the design process significantly enhances the likelihood of realising your dream property. Providing them with a detailed wish list outlining your desired look, ambience, and functionality is paramount. Additionally, understanding when to engage these professionals in the process can greatly improve your chances of obtaining your desired outcome. In just an hour, I can delve into these topics and more, providing you with a solid foundation for success.

 “It is no secret that quality advice often comes with a hefty price tag. However, I believe that everyone deserves access to expert guidance without breaking the bank. That’s why I offer a free, no-obligation consultation to anyone embarking on a home construction or renovation journey. Don’t let misinformation or incomplete planning ruin your project. Reach out to me today and let me help you to prepare to turn your vision into reality. Call me directly at 01959 533788.”

Otherwise, please get in touch via the form on our Contact page.

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