How would we go about starting a project?

We make the process easy at every stage. We start by meeting you over a cup of coffee. We assess your requirements and are able to advise you very quickly what options are open to you. The pre-planning stage of a project is vital so we spend time pulling together the most appropriate construction professionals to design and get your project through the planning procedures. At the same time, we go out to tender or negotiate with a contractor to secure the best builders and associated trades with the capability and time to dedicate to your project.

Would you be on site at all times?

We would be on site as much as you would like us to be. In most instances, the fee agreement includes weekly site visits, which are formal and full minutes are taken.  However, some clients want us on site twice a week and others once a fortnight or even once a month.

Can we contact you when you are not on site?

We are always fully contactable. Remember, we are on your side and are there to support you at all times.

Do we deal with the contractors and give them instructions?

No – when you appoint us we recommend the full professional team (architects, surveyors, structural engineers etc. etc.) as well as the main contractor. All parties are approved by you prior to their appointment. We will liaise closely with you and issue instructions as necessary.

Do you offer different levels of service? What if we do not need you on site every week?

When we discuss our fee agreement with you, we will ascertain what level of service you require and will make the necessary arrangements with you.

How much will your service cost us?

There is not a set price – when we meet with you, we will discuss your requirements and prepare a fee agreement accordingly.

Why do we need to use you?

Although contractors will tell you they will have a project manager on site, remember that that person will be acting for the contractor. Our aim is to protect you and look after your best interests.

We normally save our customers money in the long run.

Should I be my own project manager?

This depends entirely on your own circumstances but you should be aware that running a project is exceptionally time consuming. Ask yourself how much time do you have when you are juggling the demands of daily life. Perhaps even more relevant is whether you have any previous experience of managing a complex building project or contracts? This is an area which can be fraught with the sort of difficulties that a professional project manager deals with on a daily basis. So too the ability to manage projects according to a set or tight budget.