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Are you considering a new build, major refurbishment or an extension to your property?

Whatever the size of your major refurbishment project you should have a conversation with IQ Consultants before you start.

Our many years’ experience as Construction Project Managers has led us to develop a tiered service provision to assist our clients in selecting the level of service that is right for them.

We certainly know that ‘one size does not fit all’! Everybody has different requirements based on a number of variables – not just the size of a project and the budget, but also the time available to somebody who may be working and is consequently time poor. And there is also the question of confidence and knowledge – many clients have benefitted from our procedures and help in structuring and then managing a project.

So, we have designed our services around a 3 tiered model whereby our clients can choose the level of involvement they wish to have from us.

You can find more information here on the IQ Consultants page – download the leaflets and see which service level is most appropriate to you and your project:

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Phenomenal Feedback from Qbus Smart Tech Taster & Training Seminar!

Great attendance at our first Introductory Session specifically for Electrical Contractors looking to diversify into the increasingly fast moving world of smart tech installation for all types of buildings.

The session was hosted by Tony Cheeseman, our CEO with additional technical input from Tom Vanden Bussche, Managing Director of Qbus Building Intelligence.

IQ & Qbus in partnership

IQ is the UK Distributor for Qbus which has a platform of solutions to make buildings intelligent: from entry-level to full automation, from smart switches to Ubie, the gateway between Internet of Things devices and Home Automation.

This is a fantastic opportunity to upgrade current wiring schemes and installations to offer customers a future proofing solution for their homes and the ability to install smart tech at any time they choose. Joining our network of Qbus installers will give you:

  • Full training, technical support and advice
  • Qbus is a leading European smart technology platform
  • UK product stockholding
  • Fast call off and order turnaround

Fantastic feedback

We received these terrific comments from attendees.

‘Thank you for the opportunity to sit in on the Qbus training day myself and James it very interesting and it’s something that I would like to get into more and with your guidance and with the support from Qbus themselves I could push this into my line of work’. 

Absolute Service & Maintenance Ltd

“I just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you to you, Tony, Tom and Nico for the very informative Qbus training day.

I left feeling very much inspired and excited at the potential of using Qbus in the future’. 

Atmos Electrical Service

‘Thanks for today, it was a very good course to attend. From now on I will offer basic systems to my customers as a starting point’.


Want to join us?


Call Toby Ford on 01959 533788. More information here:

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Toby Ford achieves Security Check clearance for work within Government Departments

We are delighted to announce that after months of checks and processes that Toby has been successful in obtaining his  Security Check. ‘Security Check (SC): determines that a person’s character and personal circumstances are such that they can be trusted to work in a position which involves long-term, frequent and uncontrolled access to SECRET assets.’

It clears him to work within the Home Office and Police departments in the capacity of security design and installation and with this certification added to our portfolio means that IQ Property Services can now extend the work that we have recently been doing with the Metropolitan Police and the Home Office. Exciting times which we will be reporting back on soon.


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We are growing a network of Qbus Installers in the UK- want to join us?


IQ Your Home is partnering with Qbus – a leading European hi tech platform – to expand our business in the growing area of Smart Home Technology. As UK distributor we are actively looking to grow a network of Electrical Contractors and Installers to work with us.

We are holding a FREE Introductory Training Course where you will gain a thorough understanding of the advantages of becoming a Qbus installer and all the benefits that IQ Your Home will add to the opportunity. We are pleased to announce that we are holding the course at the offices of the Electrical Contractors Association in Sevenoals



Contact us for more information and to book your place

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Bela Santos – taking care of networking for IQ Property Services

Normally office based, Bela is now taking time out from her admin support role to spearhead our business networking with Sevenoaks Chamber of Commerce starting recently at Westerham. With at least 2 meetings a month as well as socials and other events it looks as if she will be busy!

Bela is looking to meet all the members overtime and in the immediate future to organise 121 meetings with other members either working in Property, Construction and related sectors, to introduce the full spectrum of services from IQ. And of course, to understand more about other members and their businesses to aid the giving of referrals in future.

Bela can be contacted at the IQ Office on 01959 533788.

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Smart Technology delivering security and energy saving benefits for homes and businesses

IQ Your Home were pioneers in Home Automation in the UK as far back as 2005. We introduced and marketed the concept of the Smart Home to give stakeholders in UK Construction a bundle of benefits – for housebuilders a competitive advantage, for homeowners a technologically driven home with energy and security benefits and for installers a sustainable and growing income stream to supplement traditional revenues.

Fast forward 14 years and IQ Your Home continues to be a leader in the field of Smart Technology for Homes and Businesses. Advances in technology have seen the introduction of a multitude of systems – some good and some certainly not good at all! Our knowledge and understanding of systems and options is unique and we are able to provide complete clarity and advice to homeowners and also to Electrical Contractors looking to diversify and work consistently in the market to build revenue streams.

IQ Your Home is now the appointed UK Distributor for Qbus, a leading European smart technology platform. The Qbus system has been installed in over 16K homes and buildings since 1999.

Qbus Smart Technology makes buildings smart for more comfort, less energy consumption and greater security. Qbus products guarantee the seamless connection of the lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation, screens, audio, alarm and other existing technologies. This ensures effortless communication and interaction between the inhabitant, owner or user.

The installation of a Smart Technology system makes a substantial impact on energy consumption. In homes it saves on average 19% on heating and 13% on electricity.  In commercial buildings, the savings amount to 60% and 30% respectively. And did you know that if you lower your thermostat by 1°C you could make a 6% saving?

 For Homeowners we are offering a complementary 2 hour evaluation and education session on the benefits of Smart Home Technology and for Electrical Contractors a free introductory training course.

Find out more – contact Toby Ford on 01959 533788. 

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IQ Your Home – partnering with Electrical Contractors & offering an exciting opportunity for growth in your business

Exciting Smart Technology growth opportunity for Electrical Contractors and Installers

IQ Your Home, part of IQ Property Services Group, is the UK Distributor for Qbus a leading European smart technology platform whose Qbus system has been installed in over 16,000 homes and buildings since 1999.

FACT: Smart technology saves on average:

Houses: 19% on heating and 13% on electricity

Commercial buildings: 60% on heating and 30% on electricity.

With more comfort and greater security benefits too!

Come and join us at one of our Free introductory training courses held regularly in Sevenoaks, Kent. The day is structured to give you a thorough understanding of the advantages of becoming a Qbus Installer and all the benefits that IQ Your Home will add to the opportunity using our exciting Qbus Smart Technology

Contact Toby Ford on 01959 533788 to find out the next date and register your interest



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Our quick guide and top tips to keep your home protected this winter

Winter officially started on 1st December! Have you checked that your property is protected against anything that winter can throw at it? It’s not too late to take care of some of the simple things yourself but for peace of mind IQ Service & Maintenance will step in and take care of the essentials that will ensure your property is winter proofed and protected through the worst months of the year.

Protect Indoor Pipes: Should a pipe burst, up to 30 gallons of water can escape in just two minutes. Find your stopcock and make sure it works so you can turn your water off as quickly as possible if you have a burst pipe.

Service your Boiler: Avoid a breakdown with no heating or water just when the family are arriving! Our engineers are Gas Safe Registered.

Insulate Your Loft Space: Even if you have insulation we will check its up to standard and compliant.

Service your gas fire: We are always surprised when clients tell us they have never serviced their gas fires, stoves and other appliances – this is a requirement to keep you safe as well as warm.

Keep your heating on a timer: If you’re going away leave it on a constant low temperature to avoid your pipes freezing.

Bleed your radiators: Use a radiator key to release trapped air and get them running efficiently if your radiators are not warming up properly.

Guttering and Chimneys: Clean and inspect for any loose external guttering and down pipes. Sweep the chimney and check for any damage to the external brick for stonework.

Trees: Do you have any overhanging trees that can cause damage in a storm and might not be covered by your home insurance?

Roof tiles: Let the experts check for any loose or broken tiles that are vulnerable to high winds and extreme weather.

Check for draughts: Cold winds will find a way through any gaps, so blocking them will keep you warm and could even cut your heating bills.

Counter winter weather and its potentially devastating effect on your home. We have a truly comprehensive portfolio of services to cover every aspect of managing and maintaining residential or commercial properties to keep them running at optimum performance.

Call us on 01959 533788. Read more about our services here

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Is your AC unit winter ready?

Now that winter does seem to be upon us it’s time to check your units and change the mode from cold to warm heater.

Another service provided by IQ Service & Maintenance as part of our extensive range of property maintenance and management solutions.

There is also a distinct air conditioning theme to the enquiries coming into the office over the past few weeks. With referrals and recommendations from clients for whom we installed units during the outstandingly hot summer!

Read more about our services here: https://bit.ly/2OGviuo

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Quite an alarming few weeks at IQ Security!

A high percentage of our recently won contracts have come as referrals following the successful design and installation of a variety of security systems at our residential and commercial clients’ premises.

Our Director Toby Ford has worked in the security industry since 1996 gathering a wealth of experience and knowledge across every type of environment. This gives us the ability to provide security consultancy, design and installation, as well as service and maintenance solutions for all types of properties, no matter the size or complexity.

Whether its an upgrade to the latest technology or a completely new installation we will be pleased to share our expertise with you.

When you make an appointment for us to come out we would be pleased at the same time to review the complete operational aspects of your building and talk to you about our Property Management packages.

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