Marketing Planning for IQ Property Services & enjoying the sunshine at the same time!

At IQPS we like to take advantage of the weather and get outside for our meetings. Our office is located in a wonderful rural spot and so we pop outdoors whenever we can.

On a more serious note, our marketing partner Rosemary Hepburn was with us for a two day marketing scoping session and is with Director Toby Ford looking at long and short term objectives for IQ Property Services. Having completed our rebrand and restructure we are now offering complementary property services across our 4 divisions: IQ Consultants, IQ Service & Maintenance, IQ Security and IQ Your Home. The latter is our smart technology division and we have exciting developments to share about our capabilities in this area.

All in all the sunshine and the surroundings helped us come up with some great ideas which we look forward to sharing with you. Even Oakley joined in with the meeting!

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