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The past few weeks have been difficult for everyone. COVID 19 has had an effect on all people within the United Kingdom. As you can imagine, as a property consultancy who spend time on building sites and working in close proximity with architects, builders, surveyors, we have had to change our approach as well. All our staff are working from home, we have taken social distancing extremely seriously and adopted the highest standard of precaution.

However, our minds now turn to the future. We know that our fantastic NHS will, if the advice is taken by everyone, carry us through this health crisis. We believe that now has never been a better time to start planning your project. IQ Property Consultants are project management specialists. We handle projects from conception to completion. We can assist in choosing the correct architect, with the experience in your type of project, we complete planning permission for you, we find the building professionals for you plus much more.

We are now offering a free 1-hour telephone or video call consultation worth £115. This is a chance for us to discuss what you have in mind and what your ideal outcome would be? It may be the case that you have an idea but do not know whether it is possible. With over forty years of experience within the construction industry, and with hundreds of projects under our belts, we believe that we can ensure that your dream project becomes a reality!

Why not use the time we all have now to plan your perfect project and take advantage of our free consultation. To arrange your call please email:

Please provide your name, your email address, your telephone number, and an idea of what you have in mind? Please advise us on whether you would prefer a telephone or video consultation.

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