New internal fever scanners available from IQ Property Services


The challenges of COVID-19 have been well-documented throughout the media. The UK continues to attempt to progress despite lockdown measures. More recently, Boris Johnson has announced modifications to the lockdown process. This, in essence, has opened the door to some industry sectors returning to work. The challenge remains for businesses to provide safety and peace of mind to their staff when returning to work.

IQ Services & Maintenance are pleased to announce the launch of our range of internal fever scanners.

The scanners come in a range from thermal cameras to stand-alone scanners (similar to the airport scanners you may have seen). With multiple product types and wide range of applications, the screening solution is designed for the detection of skin-surface temperatures so as to achieve safe and rapid preliminary screening in public areas with high efficiency in a multitude of scenarios.

The technology only detects human skin-surface temperatures to reduce false alarms generated from other heat surfaces. With a built-in compensation algorithm, the temperature is compensated by the ambient temperature and the distance to the target to provide greater accuracy.

This internal fever scanning technology does not require the significant resources that would be required for manual individual screening meaning your business is able to provide a safe environment to your workforce with confidence without overwhelming your human resource structure.

If your business would like to discuss obtaining this technology within your premises, or if you require more information and advice on which models would be right for your business then please contact us by clicking here

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