Create a great team to build a great new home  

Congratulations to Bromley FC on winning promotion to the Football League for the first time in their history at Wembley on 5th May 2024! We were there, and enjoyed the game – extra time, penalties, and all.

Talking about great teams, the below is based on an article we published in Chislehurst Life magazine about building a new home or renovating your existing one. We listed just a few of the people you may need to work with:

Architects to design and plan the property

Interior designers to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space

Structural engineers to ensure the safety and stability of the building

Builders to bring the design to life

Electricians to ensure the safety and energy efficiency of the electrical systems

Mechanical contractors to install heating, ventilation, AC and plumbing systems

The builder or architect may help coordinate or sub-contract some of these services for you. Essentially, however, you may need to talk to everyone involved – often for an extended period – to ensure you get what you want done when you want it done. Only most people don’t have the time, experience, or expertise to achieve that.

It can be essential to have a project management company on your side, such as IQ Property Services. We are experts in the art and processes involved in teamwork, and we ensure that new homes or renovations are delivered to the optimum cost and timing, and with minimal stress. Professionals we work with agree:

Amber Blackwell, Managing Director of Built Environment Technology Ltd, said “…clients’ expectations are met at every stage. Every project where we have worked together has been seamless from conception to completion.”

Paul Morrish, Director of OPEN Architects, said, “Great teamwork will ensure the design will be realised as intended, to a very high quality, and the process will be seamless as well as enjoyable! IQ Property Services can help to enrich the experience for the client.”

Tony Cheeseman, our Founder, says “It’s quite simple. Get the team right at the start, and the project runs smoothly. We like to be involved as early as possible so that we can get to know you and your requirements and thus assist and advise on the concept design, design development, and selection of the professional and construction team.”

We offer three levels of support, from Silver (guidance and support) to Gold and Platinum (which completely takes on your project), and we can help you to take your wishes and turn them into reality, smoothly and efficiently.

Have you considered using a Project Manager? Give Tony a call for a no-obligation chat on on 01959 533788. Otherwise, please get in touch via the form on our Contact page.

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