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In a recent article for the Life magazines in Kent and south east London we reflected on the value of applying the right expertise to each area of our lives, then looked specifically at Project Managers engaged to direct a building project. We share the article below::

We often use Personal Trainers, Yoga Coaches, and Nutritionists to help us look after our bodies. Some of us have Life Coaches and Therapists to address life’s challenges. For our homes, there are Interior Designers to call on and, sometimes, Feng Shui experts. Yet when we look to build a new home or renovate an existing one, most of us overlook seeking the help of the single most useful resource that can deliver a successful outcome, while saving time, money, and stress.

The first thought for anyone contemplating any major project should be to talk with a Project Manager. In the commercial world, this is commonplace, so it should be in the residential or new-build housing market.

This is because every professional contracted to work on a new build or major refurbishment looks after what they do, only sometimes coordinating the others involved. Architects design. Builders build. Surveyors survey. Each one often ensures their part of the project is delivered as intended. Even so, none of these services takes care of the project as a whole. They won’t start with a comprehensive wish list carefully developed with the client. They won’t draw up plans covering every aspect of the project. And they won’t preside over delivering the project from start to finish. That is an essential function, one which is often overlooked. It is also one that property owners seldom have the knowledge and skills to undertake. That can mean delays, frustration, added costs, and dreams not being realised.

If you are renovating a property or contemplating starting on a new build, you can get a complex and demanding process right by engaging a construction Project Manager. This is essential for several reasons.

First and foremost, a construction Project Manager brings expertise in project planning and management. They have the knowledge and experience to develop a comprehensive plan that outlines the necessary steps to achieve your goals within budget and on schedule. By engaging a Project Manager early in the process, you can benefit from their strategic insight and ensure that your project gets off to a strong start. From the moment they start helping you devise your Wish List, they can ensure things go smoothly.

Additionally, a Project Manager serves as the central point of contact for all stakeholders involved in the project. They coordinate communication between you, architects, engineers, contractors, and subcontractors, ensuring that everyone is working towards the same objectives. This minimizes the risk of miscommunication and helps to prevent delays and cost overruns.

A Project Manager also plays a crucial role in procurement and resource management, overseeing the sourcing of materials, equipment, and labour, negotiating contracts, and managing vendor relationships. By engaging a Project Manager early on, you can ensure that the right resources are available when needed, helping to prevent delays and keep your project on track.

Furthermore, a Project Manager is adept at risk management. They anticipate potential obstacles and develop strategies to mitigate them, helping to minimize disruptions and keep your project on schedule. By engaging a Project Manager from the outset, you can identify potential risks early on and develop contingency plans to address them, reducing the likelihood of costly delays later in the project.

Overall, engaging a Project Manager first is critical for ensuring the success of your new build house or major house refurbishment. Their expertise in project planning and management, communication, procurement, and risk management makes them the ideal candidates to oversee your project from start to finish, maximizing efficiency, minimizing risks, and ultimately delivering a successful outcome.

Step forward Tony Cheeseman, Project Manager and Founder and Director of IQ Property Services, an expert with the experience, skills, and connections to make a real difference in what can be a major life event, as this testimonial shows:

“Tony’s tendering and contracting experience and then detailed follow-through allowed us to deliver the quality build we desired within our budget and to timetable! His relationships with local suppliers of kitchens, bathrooms, security, and much more, proved invaluable for a fast, efficient service at reasonable prices. Overall, we enjoyed ‘peace of mind’ rather than stress, as we progressed to completion. We would recommend his services unreservedly.” – Mr & Mrs M, Sevenoaks

Tony and IQ Property Services can take your wishes and turn them into reality, smoothly and efficiently. Have you considered using a Project Manager? Give Tony a call for a free, no-obligation chat on 01959 533788.

Otherwise, please get in touch via the form on our Contact page.

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