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IQ Your Home – making Homes and Buildings Smart for more comfort and less energy consumption

Pioneering Smart Technology

As Construction Project Managers with a Mechanical and Electrical engineering background we bring a unique perspective to the management of a construction project with a skill set and knowledge base that sets our business apart. We have a thorough understanding of a building and the technology needed to run it effectively and can advise clients accordingly from an independent point of view.

IQ Your Home, specialising in smart home consultancy, is a natural extension of our capabilities. Over 10 years ago we literally broke new ground as pioneers in the sector. Our engineering background was vital to the understanding of automation systems and how their capabilities result in improved lifestyle and security as well as reduced energy outgoings.

We were the first company to install smart technology into a Show Home at the Ideal Home Show at Earls Court, which we always thought was a bit of a coup! This resulted in commissions from homeowners and indeed, some business owners too – the beauty of the technology is that its benefits are far reaching across all types of buildings.


Enhancing your Lifestyle

Our considerable wealth of experience and knowledge equips us perfectly with the expertise to provide smart technology solutions and total multi-room AV systems at affordable prices to suit all budgets. As a business we are seeing an increased demand for these services and we are now installing technology into the majority of construction projects we manage.

Our aim is to make life easy for our clients through the seamless connection of the lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation, screens, audio, alarm and other existing technologies. The possibilities are endless.

Control what happens in your home and your life

Comfort, security and peace of mind

Control over what happens in your home or building: from lighting and heating to shutters and TVs,  everything is easy to control based on a central system. Your house is pleasantly warm when you get back home, but the heating is not working overtime unnecessarily when you are away. Security features include a presence simulation facility so your home does not appear empty when you are off on holiday. And you can control everything from your smart phone wherever you are in the world.

Good for the environment and your energy bill!

Smart technology saves on average 19% on heating and 13% on electricity in houses. In commercial buildings, the savings amount to 60% and 30% respectively. 1°C lower temperature = a 6% saving!

Electrical Contractors – How Smart is Your Business?

IQ Your Home – pioneers in Home Automation in the UK as far back as 2005

Fast forward 14 years – IQ Your Home continues to be a leader in the field of Smart Technology for Homes and Businesses. So too our commitment to working closely with Installers to help you to build your own revenue stream in this growing area.

IQ Your Home – appointed UK Distributors for Qbus

Our knowledge and understanding of systems and options is unique and we are actively growing a network of qualified installers.

Why have we chosen Qbus?

The Qbus Smart Technology system has been installed in over 16K homes and buildings since 1999.

Designed to make buildings smart for more comfort, less energy consumption and greater security. Qbus products guarantee the seamless connection of the lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation, screens, audio, alarm and other existing technologies. This ensures effortless communication and interaction between the inhabitant, owner or user.

How the partnership between IQ Your Home & Qbus is designed to deliver bottom line opportunities

In this increasingly crowded market-place installers and contractors must choose companies and products carefully. The combination of IQ Your Home’s track record and expertise in the sector and our partnership with Qbus, who are a leading European smart technology platform, present a powerful formula for success.

  • IQ Your Home will provide the support and infrastructure for developing and diversifying into this fast growing market
  • We train you and give technical support and advice
  • UK product stockholding
  • Fast call off and order turnaround

Come and join us at one of our FREE Introductory training courses held in Sevenoaks, Kent. The day is structured to give you a thorough understanding of the advantages of becoming a Qbus Installer.


Developers and Building Contractors – Why Install Smart Technology in your developments?

Automation is all about controlling the environment of a building, using smart technology to transform a home from a collection of individual electrical systems and equipment into a single intelligent home – a home with IQ.

The inclusion of smart technology capability is no longer deemed an added value item. It is now the norm and in future there will be few homes built without it at their heart. The next generation of homeowners will certainly expect this technology as a matter of course as they look for all aspects of smart technology to give them sophisticated lighting scenes, security monitoring and energy management.

The Benefits of Smart Technology for your customers

The Qbus system from IQ Your Home puts your customers in control of their homes allowing them to manage all their electrical devices – automate home security, lighting, heating, air conditioning, electrical appliances, curtains blinds, data and phone and audio systems, ….and much more. The homeowner takes control via mobile phone from anywhere in the world!

 IQ Your Home – partners of choice

The key to the success of Home Automation is the selection, specification and installation of the right systems for the homeowner.  Whatever type of property you’re building – city apartments, family homes or individual properties IQ Your Home will work with you via our Accredited Partner Installers to design the optimum system for your customer’s homes.